Nytt album med Gothabilly bandet The 69 Cats i augusti

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5 Augusti släpps The 69 Cats debutalbum “Transylvanian Tapes”, som kanske är mest känd för låten “Bad Things” från succéserien True Blood.

musiknytt_the69cats-transylvaniantapes_coverLos Angeles, CA…It’s the CD you’d play if you were hosting a dinner party in a Memphis graveyard, by the band with decades of combined international credential: a sinister Elvis-sounding frontman, a guitarist who shares stages with Lemmy and Nancy Sinatra, and two American punkers as the rhythm section – the chemistry needed to create the darkest of rockabilly: gothabilly.

The 69 Cats are 69 Eyes vocalist Jyrki69 with Head Cat axeman Danny B. Harvey, former Cramps bassist Scott “Chopper” Franklin and Blondie’s iconic drummer, Clem Burke. The band played The Viper Room in Los Angeles in October of 2013 prior to releasing an EP, but the commitment to a full-length, lucky 13-song album came later. “Jyrki and I spent weeks trading songs back and forth on Spotify to come up with a track list we both agreed on,” said Harvey. “We got Clem, whom I’ve played in various bands with since 1983, to record drums and Chopper, who has been one of my favorite bass players. “ The band, in its full form, played at SXSW this year, and will be confirming new dates later this year.

The Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson, is a special guest on an unforgettable version of Elvis Presley’s “She’s Not You” with lounge darling Lynda Kay Parker on background vocals. Harvey was able to reunite The Devil’s Daughters (Mysti Moon and Lisa Dahl) to provide vocal support on several tracks including a unique cover of Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film.” Other songs include a groovy take on Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London” and a reverent retro homage to Del Shannon’s “Runaway.” Harvey composed two vibey 6-string features that can only be described as “horror surf.“
musiknytt_the69cats-transylvaniantapes_bandThe album was produced by Danny B. Harvey and recorded cross-continentally in Helsinki Finland with Johnny Lee Michaels, Encino CA with Tom Dietrick, and Austin TX with Mark Younger Smith mixing.

01. People Are Strange
02. Sunglasses After Dark
03. She’s Not You featuring Wanda Jackson
04. Runaway
05. Sweet Transvestite featuring The Devil’s Daughters
06. Edge Of Reality
07. Necromance For Guitar
08. You’re My Baby
09. Werewolves Of London
10. Black Cadillac
11. Girls On Film
12. 69 Guitars
13. Bela Lugosi’s Dead

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